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Thermal Radar was founded in Utah as a Limited Liability Company by Larry Price and Mike Dortch. The company was launched in March, 2012. The company is situated in Utah County just south of Salt Lake City in Utah’s own ‘silicon valley’; home of many high-tech companies and a hub of innovation. The company now does business globally in over 14 countries addressing the security needs of numerous vertical markets in the commercial and governmental sectors. We are the first company to commercialize a continuous 360 degree thermal camera system, pioneering a new and innovative sector which will grow rapidly in the coming years. “We make thermal coverage affordable”

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    Thermal Radar @ Utah Innovation Awards
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    Thermal Radar @ Utah Innovation Awards
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    Thermal Radar @ Utah Innovation Awards

To fuel ongoing innovation in an evolving security landscape, Thermal Radar is investing in new technologies and talent. Today and into the future, we are committed to helping customers transform their security needs while lowering their overall security costs in an ever challenging and changing security environment.

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