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Detect, Assess, Deter

Banshee is an integrated sensor and alarming solution designed to provide detection, assessment and deterrence of threats to both military and commercial operation sites.

Initial detections are generated by the low power Thermal Radar system which can detect humans up to 300m and vehicles up to 600m away.

Once the target is given to the 100mm Thermal and Day/Night 25mm by 225mm Zoom Camera Systems it will slew to target and assess, classify and escalate the threat.

Escalation can include automated audible warnings via the LRAD acoustic system, highly accurate positioning and firing of Class III lasers and/or Variable Beam Width Spotlight. If warnings fail, an “Eyes On” determination can be made to use any or all of the three warning/deter devices to provide non lethal force.


Thermal Radar’s unique, low power 360° detection system is the workhorse of the system. This device provides 24/7 blanket thermal coverage for the protected area.


Intrusions are escalated to the 100mm Thermal Camera and 25mm by 225mm Day/Night Zoom camera systems where it classifies each potential target.


Once classified each target can be pre-programed to receive any mix of audible or visual warnings with its onboard systems. The platform allows an operator to escalate to the use of nonlethal force with any of the installed devices with a touch of a button. LRAD 300X Acoustic Hailer: Beam width +/- 15°. Maximum output of 143 dB. Spotlight: 12,000,000 Candlepower with adjustable beam width of 1° to 40°. Class IIIa Lasers: 530nm (green) and 680nm (red). Considered ‘eye-safe’.

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