Beta Version

File Size178 MB
Create DateJanuary 11, 2018

Beta Version

Beta versions should only be downloaded if you are having issues with the latest version, or there are new features or abilities which are not yet available in the new version.

If you install a Beta version, but have some difficulty with compatibility you can download the newest version and install it over the beta to restore your settings.

Beta Change Notes

  • Fix pan inversion bug for Axis cameras
  • Fixes bug causing AOIs to be lost when running setup while TRIA is running (also requires TRIA update)
  • Fixed localization bug for numbers on Spanish version
  • Improvements to alert synchronization so Adam and PTZ movement better synchronized
  • Fixed issue causing dropped video connections under certain conditions

Note: This changes how the TR Camera Manager and TR Viewer communicate with each other. Both applications must be updated

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