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The business landscape of modern day security service providers is changing dramatically and all security guard service providers are finding it difficult to keep costs low and service levels high.  Customers that utilize guard services are faced with severe budget constraints that force service providers into the untenable position of compromising on the level of service that they can provide.  With service hours having to be sacrificed because of increasing costs, customers are asking their service providers to look for smarter and more innovative ways of providing a valuable and economical service.  Security demands that customers have a solution for detecting threats to their businesses 24 hours per day.

Thermal Imaging Radar offers an integrated virtual guarding technology called Hydra that continually searches for intruders over an area of 150 football fields.  Hydra will detect and notify security response officers of any potential threat to a customer property.  Hydra also delivers GPS coordinates of the intruder’s location on a map of the property.  Hydra brings a “Just in Time” efficiency mindset to security operations.  Hydra not only detects the threat but delivers a live 360-degree surveillance feed providing actionable intelligence for suitable response to the threat.

Security service providers can lease and deploy a smart detection and surveillance platform including equipment, installation, support and warranty.   With a low cost weekly leasing package, services providers can increase profits while decreasing the cost of services to their customers. 

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  • All inclusive service with installation, maintenance, warranty and support
  • No large upfront capital expense, just an easy monthly subscription
  • Integrated guard services with wide-area intrusion detection
  • Award Winning 360° thermal analytics & alarming of detections
  • Receive real-time intrusion alarm notifications on your smart phone
  • Remotely view your property any time or upgrade to live monitoring
  • A single camera scans an area equal to 150 football fields
  • Seamless integration with remote video storage
  • Specific detection zones with day and night coverage
  • Stop crime through real-time wide area intrusion detection


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Thermal Radar Hydra
The Integrated Guardian Approach To Security Services

  • Hydra detects immediate and long-range threats and provides immediate confirmation and visual forensics of the target.
  • Hydra delivers an “inside-out” approach to target acquisition and surveillance.
  • Provides H.264 streaming into any VMS for easy integration over mobile or LAN.
  • Reduces the number of security cameras needed to protect vulnerable areas.
  • Allows for instant slew-to-cue action to observe multiple targets simultaneously.
  • Affords users the ability to view all threats simultaneously with unrivalled situational awareness.
  • Confirms that the Thermal Radar detections are accurate day and night.
  • Decreases the number of security personnel needed to monitor critical areas.
  • Delivers High Resolution video with long range laser illumination for night time surveillance.
  • Produces persistent Day and Night 360° targeted surveillance.

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