Thermal Radar


Thermal Radar utilizes a best in class rotating FLIR Tau2 thermal sensor and applies edge-based analytic detection algorithms to detect, classify and Geo-Spatially locate any incursion that may threaten your perimeter.  Thermal Radar detection alerts generate not only a GPS coordinate of the intruder’s specific location but also a thermal image of the intrusion.  By providing accurate GPS coordinates upon detection, Thermal Radar provides many of the same net results of a traditional radar while remaining a completely passive and undetectable intrusion system.  Thermal Radar can be a standalone detection outpost on an expansive border project or the centerpiece of an integrated physical security strategy at your most critical facilities.



Geo Spatial Alerts: 

Once calibrated, the Thermal Radar has the ability to pinpoint any alert on a map and send those coordinates to the user as part of the event notification or directly to a VMS. This makes Thermal Radar the ideal platform for tracking objects and can be used in conjunction with other camera systems to provide “slew to cue” data.





Radar View:

The unique radar sweep, gleaning depth, and speed data from its imagery allow the Thermal Radar to pinpoint intruders in a 3D space with a completely passive system.






Customizable User Interface:

Customize the UI to meet your exact facilities needs by setting specific Areas of Interest and Areas of Exclusion as well as sensitivity and confidence values to meet your unique environment. Also integrates easily into your choice of Video Management Systems.

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Use Cases

Thermal Radar is a mission critical and operationally relevant solution for wide area intrusion detection.

Thermal Radar delivers continuous, 360-degree situational awareness of any incursion that may threaten your facility.  Perimeters are under attack daily by those seeking to harm commercial, industrial and governmental assets.

It may not be clear how or when the enemy will be at your gates but the threats are real and the earlier you detect a threat, the sooner you will stop it.

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System Requirements

Operating System

Windows 7 (64 bit)
Net 4.5.1 or newer


4GB (recommended 6 GB), 250 GB hard drive

Hardware & Network

i5 or equivalent CPU (recommended quad core 2.2 GHz or better),
Graphics card with OpenGL 3.1 support