Thermal Radar


Thermal Radar is an award-winning and patented security solution that provides continuous 360o situational awareness. Thermal Radar rotates best-in-class FLIR Tau2 and Boson thermal sensors and incorporates custom-written, edge-based analytic detection algorithms to detect, classify, and geo-spatially locate threats within a perimeter. Our Hydra solution incorporates laser-illuminated and infrared (IR) Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras; when Thermal Radar detects a threat, it sends a slew-to-cue command to the PTZ for enhanced intelligence and target confirmation

The use of thermal imagery to detect people and objects is a premise widely accepted in military and commercial applications, given all objects emit some level of infrared energy. Most thermal cameras, however, are typically deployed on the edge of perimeters and are limited to fixed fields of view. Built on a premise of doing more with less, Thermal Radar protects from the “inside out” and provides a continuous, 360o coverage area, much like a typical radar system offers.  

Unlike an active radar system that emits radio waves, Thermal Radar is a passive system that detects heat energy and uses several sizes of thermal sensors to meet customer-determined distance requirements. Our largest sensor provides detections within an approximate area of 200 acres for people, 1,800 acres for vehicles, and 20,000 acres for fires (dependent on line-of-sight and environmental factors) – and does so every one to two seconds based on sensor size. 

The thirty to sixty thermal-based images collected by Thermal Radar every minute are aggregated, analyzed, and transmitted to a video management system (VMS) as a live ONVIF-compliant, RTSP stream – providing a complete 360o panoramic field of view. The inclusion of a Hydra-based PTZ provides customers with both thermal and optical video feeds that are viewed and recorded within a customer-provided VMS. The system also provides a geo-location for each identified target and overlays that location on a Google Earth map within the thermal-based video stream. 

Our intuitive, patent-pending graphical user interface (GUI) affords end-users myriad options to customize each deployment environment. Even though our system continuously scans a 360o field of view, our GUI allows users to define and customize various areas of interest (AOIs) such that users can restrict detections and alerts to those regions deemed necessary. Our GUI also provides additional tools and capabilities that help minimize, or even eliminate, false alarms.

For environments where electrical power and direct network connections are absent, our solar-based Mobile Sentry portable trailer system provides a rugged platform on which the Thermal Radar or Hydra can be deployed. Mobile Sentry requires minutes to set up and can utilize cellular or microwave radio technologies to back-haul critical surveillance intelligence.

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Geo Spatial Alerts: 

Once calibrated, the Thermal Radar has the ability to pinpoint any alert on a map and send those coordinates to the user as part of the event notification or directly to a VMS. This makes Thermal Radar the ideal platform for tracking objects and can be used in conjunction with other camera systems to provide “slew to cue” data.





Radar View:

The unique radar sweep, gleaning depth, and speed data from its imagery allow the Thermal Radar to pinpoint intruders in a 3D space with a completely passive system.






Customizable User Interface:

Customize the UI to meet your exact facilities needs by setting specific Areas of Interest and Areas of Exclusion as well as sensitivity and confidence values to meet your unique environment. Also integrates easily into your choice of Video Management Systems.

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Use Cases

Thermal Radar is a mission critical and operationally relevant solution for wide area intrusion detection.

Thermal Radar delivers continuous, 360-degree situational awareness of any incursion that may threaten your facility.  Perimeters are under attack daily by those seeking to harm commercial, industrial and governmental assets.

It may not be clear how or when the enemy will be at your gates but the threats are real and the earlier you detect a threat, the sooner you will stop it.

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System Requirements

Operating System

Windows 7 (64 bit)
Net 4.5.1 or newer


4GB (recommended 6 GB), 250 GB hard drive

Hardware & Network

i5 or equivalent CPU (recommended quad core 2.2 GHz or better),
Graphics card with OpenGL 3.1 support