Early physical response to intrusions, threats and fires is key to minimize damage and losses.

Day or Night / Fair or Bad Weather System:

Thermal Cameras have long since demonstrated their ability to penetrate dust storms, fog, smoke and complete darkness. No lights, emitters or other devices are required. This camera sees the same image day or night without assistance or support.

Powerful Onboard Video Analytics:

Simple, easy to use analytics allow the user to quickly identify intrusions over the entire 360° FOV.

Completely Undetectable:

Unlike radar systems or other active surveillance systems, Thermal Radar is a completely passive system, rendering it invisible and impossible to detect plus Thermal Radar provides thermal visual images.

Fully Self Contained Surveillance Solution:

Thermal Radar operates as a fully self contained unit providing it’s own power, communications, connectivity, analytics and alert monitoring. You can literally take it anywhere an ATV can go and deploy it in minutes.

Highly Flexible Alert Platform:

Once an alert has been identified by the analytics, Thermal Radar has the ability to send these event notifications along with coordinates and JPEG images to a dispatch service or other alert management tool. Vary the alert notifications by time of day, day of week, person, alert category, group, etc. Send only what you want to whom you want, when you want it.

Cost Effective:

Thermal Radar’s unique ability to multiply the power and capability of a single thermal sensor to do the work of up to 20 separate sensors allows it to provide cost effective 360 degree thermal coverage to any site.

Rugged and Reliable:

All components, including the rotating assembly, are completely protected from the elements inside a sealed enclosure. That means no rotating seals to fail, no more sandblasted lenses and no more fogged out images.

Lightweight and Portable:

Thermal Radar tips the scales at less than four pounds. When combined with it’s optional portable aluminum tower, Thermal Radar can be easily towed to any site with a conventional ATV and deployed 30 feet in the air in minutes. No supporting infrastructure required – this combination is completely self contained.


Once calibrated, Thermal Radar has the ability to pinpoint any alert on a map and to send those coordinates to the user as part of the event notification. This makes Thermal Radar the ideal platform for tracking objects and can be used in conjunction with other camera systems to provide “slew to cue” data.

Red and Yellow Radar

Cost effective, continuous 360 degree thermal monitoring is now available with Thermal Radar.