VMS Integration and User Interface

VMS Integration

 TIR’s industry leading software platform allows users to track, monitor and manage perimeter incursions into designated areas. The platform can be set up to alert users when a threat enters specified and protected zones.

Thermal Radar can be fully integrated into the VMS of your choice. 

Thermal Radar has been integrated into many VMS platforms including:

  • Genetec
  • Milestone
  • Avigilon
  • Geovision
  • Exacqvision
  • TRIA View (1)
  • tirviewer
  • Break In Detection
  • Hydra - TRIA into Genetec

How Integration Works

The 360 degree thermal images, geospatial data, and alerts are sent to the Thermal Radar Integration Appliance (TRIA) which converts them to a single ONVIF complaint RTSP stream that is readily viewed and recorded in a VMS.

360 Degree Contiguous View

With the TIR Viewer you can see a 360 degree panorama image. Just use your click and drag to pan all the way around.


Areas of Interest and Exclusion Zones

The broad coverage of Thermal Radar is easily customized to allow the end user to decide where Thermal Radar should and should not monitor.  Areas of Interest (AOIs) are quickly added, and sensitivity can be set for each AOI.  If an area within an AOI needs to be ignored, an Exclusion Zone is simply drawn in.


Radar View

Radar Gif

See heading and distance of alerts. The radar window will layer a heading indicator, blips for alerts, over a satellite image allowing you to see the exact position of the alert.


TIR can easily be set up to send alerts to your email or mobile phone when certain areas are triggered. These events are also recorded within the Video Management Software, so that you can review the intrusion later.



Shows an activity timeline that scrolls left dynamically as time passes. Red lines on the timeline represent activity detected in a region of interest.

Zoom View

By right clicking on a specific area in the camera view window, the zoom window will refresh with the zoomed image. Also allows you to center this view automatically on alerts so you never miss a thing.

Recording and Playback

Automatically recorded alerts and manually recorded footage can be played back in a full 360 degrees. A list shows you the date and time when each alert or recording happened and how long it lasted. Simply click on the one you want to view.