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What is Thermal Radar?

Thermal Imaging Radar is an award-winning 360 degree camera solution combining a high-performance thermal camera with an intelligent geospatial platform that provides for a state-of-the-art observation and detection solution.

TIR’s patented Thermal Radar technology allows one thermal sensor to do the work of up to 20 separate thermal cameras. Using less than 6 watts of power, the TIR Thermal Radar was designed to be used in rugged and remote areas as well as high traffic urban settings. TIR’s award winning Thermal Radar can operate where electronic resources are limited through solar and battery operated power sources. Thermal Radar becomes the ideal observation and detection solution for critical infrastructure locations and for organizations wishing to protect their interests wherever those interests may be located.

The TIR Thermal Radar solution
offers the following unique features:
  • Patent pending thermal sensor technology.
  • Dual core processor allowing for more sophisticated analytics.
  • Low power and bandwidth requirements.
  • Uses only 6 watts of power.
  • 360 degree observation and detection.
  • Real time alerts of abnormalities sent via SMS, Email and pre-recorded audio messages.
  • Customizable AOI (Areas of Interest) for specific hot spots.
  • Solar and Battery powered solutions available for remote or distant locations.

Thermal Radar provides a best in class 360 degree camera which will observe and detect heat signatures from human beings, vehicles, animals, fires, etc. This standalone sentry keeps a watchful eye viewing thermal images and will immediately alert user defined contacts of abnormalities.

Thermal Radar provides a best in class
360 degree thermal camera


The World’s First Rotating Head 360° Uncooled Thermal Camera

Finally, an Affordable Solution for 360° Thermal Coverage!

TIR’s continuous rotating LWIR camera provides intelligent high definition infrared surveillance for challenging or remote sites. Rotating at speeds up to 60 RPM this incredible camera stitches together a composite image of up to 20 “virtual” thermal cameras creating a 360° thermal image of over 5 MP. Using any Ethernet ready devices an operator can view the composite image in near real time as it continuously updates. When ever the powerful on board video analytics detect an intrusion or high temperature event, the unit has the ability to send alertsi to an HTTP server configured to receive and dispatch alerts.

Applications Include:
  • Challenging and Remote Site Coverage
  • 24/7 360° Intrusion Detection
  • Fire Detection
  • Border Surveillance
  • All Terrain Access and Surveillance
  • Monitor Sites with Little or No Infrastructure
  • Establish 360° GeoSpatial Environment for Other Camera Systems
  • Wide Area Continuous Thermal Monitoring

Fully Self Contained Surveillance Solution:
Thermal Radar operates as a fully self contained unit providing it’s own power, communications, connectivity, analytics and alert monitoring. You can literally take it anywhere an ATV can go and deploy it in minutes.

Powerful Onboard Video Analytics:
Simple, easy to use analytics allow the user to quickly identify intrusions over the entire 360° FOV.

Highly Flexible Alert Platform:
Once an alert has been identified by the analytics, Thermal Radar has the ability to send these event notifications along with coordinates and JPEG images to a dispatch service or other alert management tool. Vary the alert notifications by time of day, day of week, person, alert category, group, etc. Send only what you want to whom you want, when you want it.

Completely Undetectable:
Unlike Radar or other active surveillance systems, Thermal Radar is a completely passive system, rendering it invisible and impossible to detect.

Day or Night / Fair or Bad Weather System:
Thermal Cameras have long since demonstrated their ability to penetrate dust storms, fog, smoke and complete darkness. No lights, emitters or other devices are required. This camera sees the same image day or night without any assistance or support.

Cost Effective:
Thermal Radar’s unique ability to multiply the power and capability of a single thermal sensor to do the work of 20 separate sensors allows it to provide cost effective blanket thermal coverage to any site.

Rugged and Reliable:
All components, including the entire rotating assembly, are completely protected from the elements inside a sealed enclosure. No rotating seals to fail, no more sandblasted lenses, no more fogged out images are just a few of the advantages of Thermal Radar’s unique design.

Lightweight and Portable:
Thermal Radar tips the scales at less than four pounds. When combined with it’s optional, portable, aluminum tower, Thermal Radar can be easily towed to any site with a conventional ATV and deployed 30 feet in the air in minutes. No supporting infrastructure required. This combination is completely self contained.

Once calibrated, Thermal Radar has the ability to pinpoint any alert on a map and to send those coordinates to the user as part of the event notification. This makes Thermal Radar the ideal platform for tracking objects and can be used in conjunction with other camera systems to provide “slew to cue” data.

Early physical response to intrusions, threat and fires is key to minimize damage and losses.


A state-of-the-art, affordable thermal camera solution has long been an impossibility. Many organizations desiring to deploy such a solution have found that they simply could not afford such a luxury item until now. Thermal Radar is now affordable and available to a myriad of business applications including airports, bridges, car dealerships, construction sites, power plants, reservoirs or substations just to name a few.

Critical Infrastructure

It's becoming more crucial to protect critical infrastructure against threats, TIR's unique continuous 360 degree monitoring with flexible communication options allow all types of facilities to be monitored day and night.

TIR not only monitors the perimeter but also the approach to these facilities by reducing the critical reaction time for deterrent action activities. Fewer cameras equals less cost and maintenance.



Big Box Security

Big Box facilities have unique and challenging security and power needs. TIR allows a facility to be monitored day and night, inside or outside for theft and suspicious activities. Operates on 6 watts of power allowing large facilities to power down power hungry assets in off hours, saving $1000's in energy costs.


Oil and Gas

Remotely and passively monitor and protect your facilitates, whether it’s a large facility, single asset, on shore or off shore. Certified to operate in harsh conditions, TIR covers more ground for less money. Continuous 360 degree security in a cost-effective solution.


Cost effectively adds a thermal layer of security to most facilities.

Dept. Of Parks and Forestry

Public security and safety is on the minds of public officials and citizens alike, continuous 360 degree monitoring notifies when there is a breach of security allowing for fast physical response times. Continuous and remote thermal monitoring can serve as an early warning mechanism for forest fires before they threaten residential or commercial areas. Can be deployed and operated easily and remotely.

Fire Detection:
Thermal Radar can be used as an early detection and alert solution for forest fires. Utilizing our mobile 30 foot tower system, a thermal camera can be placed at high ground areas and be configured to detect a 3 meter fire from over 5 km away.

Intersection Control

A new and exciting use case for Thermal Radar will be the use in Intersection Control. Thermal Radar’s ability to have a 360 degree FOV (Field of Vision) allows the camera to observe the entire intersection. The intersection control system is then able to receive detailed triggers from Thermal Radar indicating approaching vehicles or pedestrians at the crosswalk waiting to move through the intersection. A single Thermal Radar camera can eliminate the need for pavement loops, lane based radar systems and crosswalk buttons all the while providing a live video feed of the entire intersection.

Public Safety/Dept. of Corrections

Limit liability with daytime and nighttime monitoring of outdoor limited light campus areas. Provides unique solutions to difficult security challenges in inner city prisons as well as more rural locations, thermal coverage allows for constant nighttime monitoring.

Detect potential vandalism and theft before it happens!
Protect your assets with Thermal Radar.

TIR Software

TIR provides an industry leading software platform which allows users to track, monitor and manage perimeter incursions into designated areas. The TIR platform will alert users immediately of a threat to specified and protected zones. Alerts can be managed within the software platform for specific distribution to key contacts.

360 Degree Contiguous View

With the TIR Viewer you can see a 360 degree panorama image.
Just use your click and drag to pan all the way around.

Radar View

See heading and distance of alerts. The radar window will layer a heading indicator, blips for alerts, over a satellite image allowing you to see the exact position of the alert.


You can use AOIs to indicate areas of interest for monitoring. Get alerts in these user defined areas. Have an extra sensitive area you want to keep secure? TIR software allows you to elevate alerts based on user defined AOIs.

Have an area you aren't interested in receiving alerts about? Not only can you define AOIs you can define Exclusion Zones.



Through the built in communication hardware you can receive alerts to your email or mobile phone. In addition alerts are automatically recorded with the Camera Manager software.

Recording and Playback

Playback automatically recorded alerts and record and playback manually recorded footage of the full 360 degree image.

A list shows you the date and time when each alert or recording happened and how long it lasted. Simply click on the one you want to view.


Shows an activity timeline that scrolls left dynamically as time passes. Red lines on the timeline represent activity detected in a region of interest.

Zoom View

By right clicking on a specific area in the camera view window, the zoom window will refresh with the zoomed image. Also allows you to center this view automatically on alerts so you never miss a thing.

  • Minimum System Requirements:
  • i5 or equivalent CPU (recommended quad core 2.2 GHz or better)
  • 4GB memory (recommended 6 GB)
  • 250 GB hard drive
  • Graphics card with OpenGL 3.1 support
  • Windows 7
  • .Net 4.5.1

Easily upgrades and enhances existing security components and processes.

Technical Specifications

Thermal Module
Type FLIR Tau 2 sun-safe amorphous silicon microbolometer
FPA Resolution 336x256 or 640x512
Image Bit Depth 8-bit w/AGC or 12-bit raw
Lens Focal Length 9mm, 13mm, 19mm or 25mm
Speed and Resolution
Rotation Speed 30-60 RPM - Configurable
Image FOV (H) 360 Degrees
Image FOV (V) 56°, 45°, 35°, 32°, 25° or 20°
Image Resolution Configurable from .77 MP to 4.7 MP
Power Requirements
Input Voltage 18V-57 VDC
Input Connection IEEE 802.3at PoE+ compliant
Power Consumption 5-7 Watts (Accessory Dependent)
Processor and Analytics
Processor 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 plus C64X+ DSP (TI OMAP DM3730)
Memory 512 MB DDR, 512 MB NAND Flash
Image Storage Memory 8 GB extended Temperature Range μSD Card - Removable
Embedded Analytics Intrusion, Classification, Tracking, High Temperature
Detection Range
Man Up to 400 m
Vehicle Up to 1,500 m
Fire Up to 5 Km
Network Protocols Zero Configuration System with Multicast DNS/DNS-SD Service Discovery, Supports DHCP, TCP/IP, UDP/IP
Ethernet 10/100BaseT with PoE+ Powering
Operating Temperature Range -40° C to +60° C
Storage Temperature Range -40° C to +85° C
Humidity 5 - 95%, Non-Condensing
Protection Standard IP66
Dimensions 5.75” (W) X 7.75 “ (H) (146mm X 197mm)
Weight 4 lbs. (1.8 Kg)
Portable Platform
Deployed Height 30 feet (9.1 m)
Weight 425 lbs (193 Kg)
Battery Supply 200 AH 24 VDC w/low Voltage Disconnect
Solar 30-55 Watt 24 VDC Panel with Charge Controller/PoE+ Inserter

Cost effective, continuous thermal monitoring is finally available with Thermal Radar.

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